Usability Analysis & Evaluation

Jul 01, 2008

An increasing number of non-accredited certification programs offered by industry firms suggests a growing demand for usability evaluation skills. While some specialized advanced degrees exist within formal academic programs such as Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) within computer science, human factors within psychology and physiology and, to some degree, information architecture within library sciences, there are limited […]

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High Performance Computing

Feb 01, 2008

High-performance computing (HPC) integrates systems administration (including network and security knowledge) and parallel programming into a multidisciplinary field that combines digital electronics, computer architecture, system software, programming languages, algorithms and computational techniques.

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Home Technology Integration

Mar 06, 2006

Home Technology Integration (HTI) is the convergence or merging of previously separate technologies and systems in the home, including integrated home control, computer/home network, communications, lighting and energy management, entertainment and security, health and safety.

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Artificial Intelligence

Mar 04, 2006

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science of making intelligent machines and addresses the challenges of having machines find solutions to complex problems in a human-like fashion.

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