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This report provides commercialization timelines, driving forces and constraints, industry trends and projectors, and expert opinion and analysis on the emerging nanotechnology sector. The exact nature and size of potential nanotech markets are unclear at this time. However, there is little doubt that these new technologies promise almost unlimited business and associated employment opportunities. Moreover, these opportunities could expand very rapidly, if technical breakthroughs, now envisioned are, indeed, realized. Although community and technical college deans and other instructional officers should not over-react to these possibilities, the colleges should be alert to the impact that advances in nanotechnology may have on current programs, such as those involving semiconductor manufacturing. This report examines trends and opportunities across four classifications of nanotechnology: instrumentation, tools, and computer simulation; nanomaterials; electronics, information technology, optical applications; and life sciences.

Table of Contents

Preface iv
Acknowledgments v
General Observations: Promising Potential 1
Workforce Issues 2
Training Strategies for Community and Technical Colleges 5
Current Texas Nanotechnology Activities 6
Research Consortia 6
Universities and University Consortia 7
Coordinating Groups 9
Nanotech Companies in Texas 13
Current Challenges 20
State of the Art 21
Materials 25
Electronics/Information Technologies and Optical Applications 29
Life Sciences 33
Forecasts 37
Definition 37
Classification 37
Forecast of Commercialization 39
Fundamental Driving Forces 40
Projections of Organizations 41
Projections of Individuals or Companies 43
Forecasting Methodologies 44
Potential Impacting Factors 49
Final Comments 52
List of Exhibits 53
Appendices 54
A: Venture Capitalists at NanoVentures 2003 54
B: Employment Opportunities in Nanotechnology, Technicians with Associate Degrees 55
C: Comparative Nanotechnology Expenditures 59
D: Nanotechnology Classification Schemes 60
E: Nominal Group Conference Participants 63
F: List of Nominal Group Items 65
G: Nominal Group Rating Instructions 68
H: Nominal Group Results 70

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