M2M, The Wireless Revolution

Jun 01, 2005 Comments Off on M2M, The Wireless Revolution
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By: Jim Brazell, Laurel Donoho, John Dexheimer, Robert Hanneman, Ph.D., & George Langdon

M2M is an acronym for Machine-to-Machine computing and both fourth generation and M2M involve networking physical, chemical, biological and neurological objects, systems and environments. Applications of M2M and fourth generation computing span virtually every industry and market. “The most compelling discovery of the report is the emergence of a fourth generation of computing defined as a system on a chip with a single platform for power, communications and computing.” says Jim Brazell, principal analyst.

Highlights of the forecast include recommendations to educators who wish to develop curricula and analysis of the global US$100 billion industry in 2005 forecast to grow to US $700 billion by 2010. The report describes M2M technologies, identifies the emerging and promising markets, and identifies the resources Texas can draw upon to play a leading role in this increasingly competitive arena. Based on more than 100 interviews and an M2M industry survey, as well as secondary sources, the report outlines human capital needs of M2M companies over the next three to five years, and how technical and community colleges can best meet those needs through targeted curricula and transdisciplinary learning environments. By anticipating workforce demands, college curriculum offerings can be a constructive force in attracting high-tech companies to the state and ensuring that existing high-tech companies continue to have appropriately skilled employees.

Table of Contents

List of Appendices iv
List of Figures iv
List of Tables v
Preface vi
Acknowledgments vii
Executive Summary 1
What is M2M? 1
M2M Market 1
M2M and the State of Texas 2
Survey of M2M Employers 3
The M2M Workforce 3
Preparing the Texas Workforce for M2M 3
M2M: Introduction 5
M2M Trends 10
M2M: Market 13
Critical Infrastructure and Heavy Industry 13
Transportation & Logistics 15
Structural Health Monitoring 20
Environmental Monitoring 23
Retail and wholesale Trade 26
Utilities 27
HealthCare 28
Home 30
M2M: Industry 33
Industry Value System 33
Telecommunications Value Shift 35
Systems Integrators 36
Rise of the M2M Service Provider 38
M2M: Technology 41
M2M Sensor Network Primer 41
Evolution of M2M Sensor Providers 42
M2M: Survey of Trends,Technologies, and Workforce Needs 59
Trends and Technologies 60
Workforce Needs 65
M2M: Workforce Domains, Occupations and Salaries 73
Wireless M2M R&D in the State of Texas 73
Functional Workforce Domains 75
M2M: Conclusions and Recommendations 83
Workforce Need: Survey Analysis and Recommendations 83
Recommendations from Experts 84
Technological Shifts Driving Workforce and Recommendations 85
M2M Technologies: Survey Analysis and Recommendations 87
Expert Cirrucula Recommendations 88
About IC² Institute 90
Biographies 91
Appendix A: Texas Wireless Educational Programs 93
Appendix B: US and International Wireless Education Programs 96
Appendix C: Wireless Research Programs 98
Appendix D: Texas Wireless Companies 99
Appendix E: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities of Select Wireless Jobs 119
Appendix F: Bibilography 126

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