Home Technology Integration

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A growing number of homeowners and homebuilders are integrating digital technology into residences because the cost of these systems is decreasing. System integrators (employers) indicate a lack of available expertise in the home technology integration (HTI) sector capable of designing, installing and supporting these home subsystems. HTI includes audio, video, networking, control systems, air conditioning, security and computer technology. As the entry cost of HTI solutions and services decreases, the market is expanding beyond large, custom-built homes and into the broader mass housing market.

The analysis and information resources provided in this report will aid colleges in developing HTI programs and certificates. This publication includes an overview of HTI technology, analysis of existing HTI curriculum, descriptions of relevant industry certifications, the nature of HTI jobs and skills, a directory of over 100 Texas HTI companies, and market drivers and constraints impacting the HTI industry and employment.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments v
Preface vii
Executive Summary ix
1 Observations, Methodology and Recommendations 1
Observations 1
Methodology 2
Recommendations for CTC Academic Decision Makers 2
2 Background 7
Defi nition 7
HTI Applications 8
Future of HTI 14
3 HTI as a Career 25
Demand 25
Estimated Salary Levels 29
Job Responsibilities 30
Size and Location of Markets 35
4 Initiating an HTI Program 37
Current Programs 37
Faculty and Facility Requirements 42
Industry and Education Partnership to be Leveraged 43
Anticipated Timing of Curriculum 44
5 Conclusions 45

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