What Degrees Pay

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What Degrees Paywhatdegrees explores first year starting salaries on average for Texas public higher education institutions. Explore earnings by institution, award level, and year. Select a program to see benchmark comparisons among colleges. Data is based on earnings information published by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Understanding Data Limitations

This tool is based on available public data sources. There are important data limitations that should be understood before deriving conclusions from analysis:

  • Earnings data are not provided for graduates employed outside of Texas, with the exception of some federal employees.
  • Earnings data are not provided for graduates who are self-employed.
  • Programs with fewer than four graduates found working are suppressed to ensure FERPA compliance.
  • Programs without earnings data are removed to more accurately reflect averages.
  • After graduation some students will choose to continue their education which can generate lower earnings averages.
  • The data provided are initial earnings which may not represent long-term income prospects.
  • Individuals have different strengths and goals and these will have influence over earnings after graduation.
  • Earnings and the job market do vary across the state.

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