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Sep 14, 2012 Print Article

Welcome to the new Data Visualization blog at TSTC Forecasting. The purpose of this blog is to share new work we are doing in data visualization and business analytics related to higher education performance and forecasting assessments. Some of the things we plan to touch on include data visualizations on performance outcomes (such as our first post), real-time job demand and supply dynamics, and discussion about both data sources and analysis related to workforce and economic development–the core focus of the Texas State Technical College System.

In our first post we will look at the student outcome performance metrics. While there are inherent data limitations in current records linkage methodologies, the data presented in these charts represents the most accurate publicly available source of first year earnings and placement rate data accessible today. TSTC is now working with the TWC to develop more sophisticated, accurate, and timely business analytics like these to better understand and manage program outcomes. The principle driver on this work is TSTC’s new value-based funding model in coordination with the THECB by which a significant percentage of the TSTC’s state appropriations will be based on the actual earnings outcomes of students.

We look forward to exploring this new field with our readers and fostering new collaborations with the data viz community.

Michael Bettersworth

Data Visualizations
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