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TechCareers: Graphic Design

Mar 19, 2012

Graphic Design by Mike Jones explores the career potential in the centuries-old tradition of graphic design and printing, and provides insights into what the future holds for those interested in entering this career field.

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TechCareers: Aviation Pilots

Feb 01, 2012

This book gives all the information prospective aircraft pilots need to know to gain the expertise required before setting off on a path to the skies. Also included are salary ranges for those in the field and the education and training necessary to become a pilot.

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TechCareers: Welding

Dec 01, 2011

Welding Technology provides a detailed overview on how to become a welding technician, including the benefits, job options and skill requirements for succeeding in this rewarding career.

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TechCareers: Computer Gaming

Jan 01, 2011

Interested in a job in the video game industry? Learn how new technologies and innovations require more knowledge and manpower each year to create new games that push gaming to higher standards.

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TechCareers: Avionics Technician

Oct 01, 2009 Comments Off on TechCareers: Avionics Technician

This book gives an inside look at becoming an aviation electronics technician and what is involved in preparing for a career in avionics.

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TechCareers: Wind Energy

Aug 01, 2009 Comments Off on TechCareers: Wind Energy

This TechBrief provides detailed descriptions of wind energy careers & educational requirements, profiles of wind energy technicians, a list of wind energy technician recruiters, and list of wind energy programs across the nation.

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TechCareers: Automotive

Jul 01, 2009 Comments Off on TechCareers: Automotive

A career guide for those interested in working in the automotive industry. For people who are good at problem solving and are interested in a hands-on, project-based career, becoming an automotive technician is the best way to be a part of one of the largest industries in the world.

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TechCareers: Biomedical Technician

Sep 01, 2008 Comments Off on TechCareers: Biomedical Technician

A career guide for those interested in a career in biomedical equipment repair. The outlook is bright for biomedical equipment technicians with entry-level salaries in 2007 typically ranging from $32,000 to $42,000 annually.

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