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Home Technology Integration

Mar 06, 2006

Home Technology Integration (HTI) is the convergence or merging of previously separate technologies and systems in the home, including integrated home control, computer/home network, communications, lighting and energy management, entertainment and security, health and safety.

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Combined Heat and Power

Mar 05, 2006

CHP is a form of “energy recycling” and is considered a category of alternative energy methods and techniques likely to advance significantly over the next 3-5 years.

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Artificial Intelligence

Mar 04, 2006

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science of making intelligent machines and addresses the challenges of having machines find solutions to complex problems in a human-like fashion.

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Retinal Angiographer

Mar 03, 2006

Retinal angiography, also know as ophthalmic photography, is a sub-field of biomedical photography that records the structure of the eye using specialized equipment.

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Solar Photovoltaic

Mar 02, 2006 Comments Off on Solar Photovoltaic

By 2015, Texas is expected to create only 361 PV installation jobs, which is relatively high nationally, but well below California’s anticipated 3,578 PV installation jobs. The estimated wages for solar technicians is $15 to $20 per hour and $20 to $25 per hour for solar technician foreman.

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Nuclear Power

Mar 02, 2006 Comments Off on Nuclear Power

According to NEI industry surveys conducted in 2004 and 2005, the nuclear industry is facing a critical shortage of workers over the next five years. The survey found that nuclear energy companies may lose an estimated 23,000 workers over the next five years, representing 40 percent of all jobs in the sector. Nearly half of industry employees were found to be over 47 years old and only 8 percent were younger than 32.

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Liquefied Natural Gas

Mar 01, 2006 Comments Off on Liquefied Natural Gas

The number of LNG technicians required in Texas within the next three to five years appears to be relatively low. While the number of regasification facilities and LNG imports is projected to increase in the coming years, the actual number of LNG technicians required for these facilities is anticipated to be low due to the high degree of process automation typically involved in offloading and regasification.

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Crime Scene Technologist

Mar 01, 2006 Comments Off on Crime Scene Technologist

Crime Scene Technicians (CST) are essentially functional generalists who collect and maintain physical evidence from crime scenes. The technology of crime scene investigation is very advanced; however, the technology (hardware, software and forensic analysis) is located in the “Forensics Laboratory” rather than in the field.

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Electroneurodiagnostic & Polysomnography

Sep 13, 2005 Comments Off on Electroneurodiagnostic & Polysomnography

Growth in sleep clinics produces new demand for qualified polysomnographers and electroneuro diagnosticicians.

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Wind Turbine Technology

Sep 01, 2005 Comments Off on Wind Turbine Technology

Wind energy production will grow sharply over the next 10 years and the demand for skilled wind turbine technicians will also increase.

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