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Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Sep 30, 2012

The unmanned aircraft industry is on the verge of a significant expansion. Current job demand in this sector is quite limited in Texas today, but the industry is poised to take off during the next three years as the Federal Aviation Administration continues to roll out new rules. This brief provides instructional leaders with focused insights into this emerging and evolving sector through interviews with industry experts, online searches of training activities, and analysis of employment demand data.

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Mobile Application Development

Aug 22, 2011

The market for mobile software applications is exploding due to the rapid rise of smartphones and tablets. The popularity of these new products creates an acute demand for development talent but there are few college programs that provide opportunities for learners to develop these new competencies. This forecast offers seven recommendations for colleges interested in expanding training opportunities in mobile app development.

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Cloud Computing

Nov 24, 2010

Cloud computing refers to the increasingly common practice of using virtualization to deliver scalable information computer services. The popularity of this business practice is generating new demand for technical competencies across a number of existing occupations. College IT programs should update curriculum modules to prepare students for administering cloud services in datacenter operations as well as software development within virtualized environments.

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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Nov 01, 2008

As a simple calculation, jobs related to the compressed natural gas (CNG) industry as a function of current and likely near-term statewide demand are very limited in Texas. However, from a macroeconomic and strategic perspective, investments in CNG infrastructure and training programs may provide an opportunity for Texas to take advantage of brewing Federal policy […]

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Biomedical Equipment Information Systems

Oct 01, 2008 Comments Off on Biomedical Equipment Information Systems

The integration of medical technologies with hospital information systems is increasing exponentially as medical monitoring, diagnostic, and therapeutic devices are tied to the hospital enterprise network. An increasing number of biomedical engineering departments today are now under the management of IT departments, reporting to the chief information officer or vice president of information services. Opportunities exist for certificate programs to better prepare graduates for these specialized positions and to enhance the skills of working professionals.

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Usability Analysis & Evaluation

Jul 01, 2008 Comments Off on Usability Analysis & Evaluation

An increasing number of non-accredited certification programs offered by industry firms suggests a growing demand for usability evaluation skills. While some specialized advanced degrees exist within formal academic programs such as Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) within computer science, human factors within psychology and physiology and, to some degree, information architecture within library sciences, there are limited […]

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Ethanol: Implications & Expectations

May 01, 2008 Comments Off on Ethanol: Implications & Expectations

Ethanol is grain alcohol and is the same substance as is found in alcoholic beverages. When used as automotive fuel it is denatured, usually by adding 5% gasoline, to make it undrinkable. Most current ethanol production is corn-based but ethanol can also be made from other grains, sugar, and starchy vegetables such as potatoes.

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Mar 01, 2008 Comments Off on Biodiesel

A relatively new industry, biodiesel has seen rapid growth, especially in Texas, in the past few years. As the industry grows and competes with the petroleum and chemical processing industries, it will likely create new jobs in the field that will include construction, feedstock production, industrial chemicals, maintenance and repair, and business services.

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High Performance Computing

Feb 01, 2008 Comments Off on High Performance Computing

High-performance computing (HPC) integrates systems administration (including network and security knowledge) and parallel programming into a multidisciplinary field that combines digital electronics, computer architecture, system software, programming languages, algorithms and computational techniques.

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Nov 01, 2007 Comments Off on Mechatronics

Mechatronics provides a framework for integrating traditionally disparate mechanical, electronic, control, information technology and other degree programs into a single multi-disciplinary program suited to industry’s increasing demand for multi-craft employees. This integration has been successful in several other countries but has been slow to develop in the U.S. colleges should determine the feasibility of integrating existing programs to develop mechatronic degree and certificate programs as appropriate for local industry demand.

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