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Usability Analysis & Evaluation

Jul 01, 2008

An increasing number of non-accredited certification programs offered by industry firms suggests a growing demand for usability evaluation skills. While some specialized advanced degrees exist within formal academic programs such as Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) within computer science, human factors within psychology and physiology and, to some degree, information architecture within library sciences, there are limited […]

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High Performance Computing

Feb 01, 2008

High-performance computing (HPC) integrates systems administration (including network and security knowledge) and parallel programming into a multidisciplinary field that combines digital electronics, computer architecture, system software, programming languages, algorithms and computational techniques.

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Nov 01, 2007

Mechatronics provides a framework for integrating traditionally disparate mechanical, electronic, control, information technology and other degree programs into a single multi-disciplinary program suited to industry’s increasing demand for multi-craft employees. This integration has been successful in several other countries but has been slow to develop in the U.S. colleges should determine the feasibility of integrating existing programs to develop mechatronic degree and certificate programs as appropriate for local industry demand.

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Jul 01, 2007

Mechatronics is another way of saying “intelligent mechanical systems” and it is the foundation of many 21st century enabling technologies. Mechatronics involves the integration of mechanical and electrical systems with control systems and information technology.

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Combined Heat and Power

Mar 05, 2006 Comments Off on Combined Heat and Power

CHP is a form of “energy recycling” and is considered a category of alternative energy methods and techniques likely to advance significantly over the next 3-5 years.

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Crime Scene Technologist

Mar 01, 2006 Comments Off on Crime Scene Technologist

Crime Scene Technicians (CST) are essentially functional generalists who collect and maintain physical evidence from crime scenes. The technology of crime scene investigation is very advanced; however, the technology (hardware, software and forensic analysis) is located in the “Forensics Laboratory” rather than in the field.

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M2M, The Wireless Revolution

Jun 01, 2005 Comments Off on M2M, The Wireless Revolution

Download Full Report  Order Hard Copy By: Jim Brazell, Laurel Donoho, John Dexheimer, Robert Hanneman, Ph.D., & George Langdon M2M is an acronym for Machine-to-Machine computing and both fourth generation and M2M involve networking physical, chemical, biological and neurological objects, systems and environments. Applications of M2M and fourth generation computing span virtually every industry and […]

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Video Games

Feb 01, 2004 Comments Off on Video Games

Download Full Report  Order Hard Copy By Jim Brodie Brazell, Nicholas Kim, Honoria Starbuck This highly anticipated report covers the game market, industry, technologies, workforce needs, and implications to Texas technical colleges and universities. The report may be of interest to students, teachers, policy makers, economic development officials, academic administrators, game industry businesses and investors. […]

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