Mission: Advance the employability of college students and the economic competitiveness of Texas by forecasting technical competencies needed by employers.

TSTC Forecasting

TSTC Forecasting reviews the state’s business and industry workforce needs for trained and educated workers and suggests specific technical education programs in specific areas that are needed to ensure or that would enhance the state’s economic and technological competitiveness.

The primary goal of TSTC Forecasting is to provide college leaders with informed analysis of new competencies needed by Texas employers so that curriculum offerings can be better aligned to ensure highly employable graduates who are ready to go to work.

TSTC Forecasting research areas include:

  • Analysis of Emerging and Evolving Occupations
  • Forecasting Emerging Technology Trends
  • Forecasting Demand for Technical Occupations
  • Development of Technology Curriculum
  • Instructional Delivery Methodologies
  • Talent Pipeline Development
  • Economic and Technological Workforce Competitiveness


About Technology Forecasts

TSTC Forecasts provide advanced in-depth analysis of emerging technologies and related occupations. These publications are conducted by a team of analysts and subject matter experts with a heavy focus on primary data gathering methodologies such as industry surveys and employer interviews. Publications include:

  • Detailed Description of Technology
  • Occupational Analysis
  • Technical Competencies
  • Job Demand Projections
  • Salary Ranges
  • Related Industry Drivers & Constraints
  • Subject Matter Expert Interviews
  • Industry Surveys
  • Curriculum Examples
  • Recommendations for College Leaders


About TechBriefs

TSTC TechBriefs provide education leaders and decision makers with overviews of new and emerging technology trends and occupational demand. These publications are Texas-centric with a focus on regional employer demand and college offerings. Each publication includes a summary of:

  • Overview of Technology/Occupation
  • Related Job Demand
  • Estimated Salary Ranges
  • Related Technical Competencies
  • Related Industry Drivers & Constraints
  • Recommendations for College Leaders


About TechCareers

TechCareers are career guides written to inform students and job seekers about working in specific emerging technology occupations. Each publication paperback publication includes:

  • Detailed Descriptions of each Career
  • Job Demand and Salary Information
  • Educational Requirements
  • Profiles of Individuals Working in the Field
  • Index of Related College Programs Throughout the United States
  • Online Resources for More Information

TechCareers are a useful resource for career counselors and placement centers at high schools, colleges, universities, and workforce centers. TechCareers is produced by TSTC Publishing and can be purchased through the TSTC Publishing store. For bulk order and discount information, contact TSTC Publishing toll free: 1-800-792-8784 extension 3208.

If educators don’t provide people with employability all the other missions, the more grand missions that are talked about at colleges and universities, they are not going to achieve those either.

— Dr. Anthony Carnevale